Thom Yorke Readies Tour With Atoms For Peace!

Southern California has been good for Thom Yorke.

It’s the home base for his 4-year-old band Atoms For Peace, meaning he’s making occasional tough cross-continent commuter flights from the United Kingdom but also hiking up to Griffith Observatory and surfing with Atoms bassist Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The very English Radiohead frontman said Los Angeles is steadily working its magic on him.

“I find it hard to work in Britain all the time,” Yorke said. “Because I’ve grown up with it and it’s what I know. And I’ve also grown up with the cynicism that’s in the genes. Sometimes it’s good to try and wash that out. Generally in my work, it’s really helped me a lot. And it’s fed back into the Radiohead thing too. Maybe it’s just getting old but I’m loosening up with all my … stupid rules about what works, what doesn’t work” Read more on the Pollstar story!

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