LeAnn Rimes Addresses Scandal on Spitfire

LeAnn Rimes has a strikingly personal new album of country songs out called Spitfire, and she sees it as her chance to clear the air after nearly five years of turmoil.

“To become tabloid fodder when you have a talent you want people to hear is very frustrating,” says Rimes. “It’s like ‘Hey, I’m over here! I sing still!'”

The singer has gotten plenty of national publicity since news of her relationship with actor
Eddie Cibrian first became public, as the two were both married to separate spouses at the time. They’ve since gotten married themselves and have done their best to settle into family life, but Rimes has continued to be a popular topic of tabloid fascination.

The scandal took its toll on Rimes’ personal life as well as her music career. Her prior album, 2011’s Lady & Gentlemen, was a set of covers, so it has been six years since her previous project of original material. With Spitfire, she hopes to put the focus back on her music for good.

“Hopefully, I can take the celebrity and use it for what I need, instead of people using me,” Rimes says. “Maybe I can use all of this craziness and have people hear my music. That would be awesome, and that’s my plan.” Read the rest of the interview here…

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