The Avett Brothers Salute Their Dad’s Hard Work

You could trace The Avett Brothers’ music to a multitude of inspirations, but you shouldn’t forget one very important source: Jim Avett, their father.

In late April, the elder Avett attracted a sizable crowd to the Creekside stage for a gospel set on the final day of MerleFest, the famed acoustic festival in Wilkesboro, N.C. Later that
night, North Carolina native sons Seth and Scott Avett took the main stage to
cap the four-day event.

Between those two sets, CMT Edge caught up with the brothers and their fellow band members on their bus. Although the conversation initially covered a new album (The Carpenter) and their family roots at the festival, Seth and Scott spoke generously of their father, too.

“He kind of forfeited his dream of being a musician when he was younger, as our family grew. He stopped and put all of his work into building a welding company. He probably wanted to be a musician always, because he was definitely an entertainer, but he put it on hold during our upbringing,” said Scott, who is a father to a young son and daughter.

“Our ability to get into this world has allowed him to be there, as well. I mean, he’s doing his own thing. We don’t really get involved with a lot unless it’s appropriate. But it’s
really, really exciting to see that many people watching him — and him doing
really well, singing well and sounding good.” Read more on this article here..

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