‘Sway’ With Blue October (Pollstar Exclusive Interview)

Justin Furstenfeld talks with Pollstar about the band’s new album, “Sway,” what fans can expect from the tour, and why he doesn’t want to meet his heroes.

In March the Blue October-cofounder chatted with us about his solo tour entitled “An Open Book: An Evening With Justin Furstenfeld.”  During that conversation Furstenfeld described his battle against alcoholism and depression and said his solo outing was a way for him to thank fans for supporting the band throughout the years.

The next time we caught up with Furstenfeld, he said that he had moved past the turmoil that he documented in Blue October’s last album, Every Man In America, and that he can’t wait to show fans how much he’s enjoying life. “I’m able to make music for a living,” he said.  “How blessed is that shit? I should never take it for granted.”

Read the Q&A of this article and see future tour dates here..

(Zayra Alvarez)
(Zayra Alvarez)

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