Buckcherry to Release Greatest Hits Album

Buckcherry will be releasing a new album entitled, ‘The Best of Buckcherry’, on October 29th. The album spans their career and includes popular songs such as ‘Lit Up’ and ‘Ridin’. Buckcherry released a new studio album earlier this year entitled, ‘Confessions’. Read more on the release here.

Track List for ‘The Best of Buckcherry’:
1. ‘Lit Up’
2. ‘For the Movies’
3. ‘Ridin’
4. ‘Sorry’
5. ‘Next 2 You’
6. ‘Everything’
7. ‘Crazy Bitch’
8. ‘Rescue Me’
9. ‘Rose’
10. ‘All Night Long’
11. ‘Gluttony’
12. ‘Nothing Left But Tears’

Article by: Chad Bowar, Loudwire
Summary by: CCT

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