Mine’ on Ancient Chinese Instrument Guzheng

‘She’s got an instrument that seems to me / Reminds me of ancient memories’ … A young woman from Vancouver, Canada, has become a YouTube sensation after posting a video of herself playing the Guns N’ Roses‘ classic ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ on the ancient Chinese instrument the guzheng.

Michelle Kwan (not the Olympic ice skater) posted the clip a couple weeks ago, and it already has nearly 300,000 views (as of this post). Sporting an Axl Rose headband, Kwan plays a beautiful version of the GN’R favorite on the guzheng, a plucked zither instrument that dates back to roughly 500 B.C. Ex-Guns guitarist Slash himself must have been impressed as he retweeted a mention of Kwan’s performance earlier today (Oct. 7).

Article by: Spencer Kaufman, Loudwire

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