Austin City Limits Review: Kings of Leon

Grammy-winning rock mainstay Kings of Leon wrapped up their second-week Austin City Limits Music Festival performance Saturday night (10/12) in a downpour, though tens of thousands didn’t seem to mind.

The Nashville natives, helmed by singer/guitarist Caleb Followill, performed an almost identical setlist for the back-to-back Saturday shows, beginning with “Black Thumbnail” from 2007’s “Because of the Times.” Touching on all six albums released over the last decade in the 90-minute performance, the family band clung most to their 2008 multi-platinum effort, “Only by the Night,” with their just-released “Mechanical Bull” close behind.

From a musical standpoint, Kings of Leon sounded solid, performing each song as tightly as you’d expect from a spin of the album and with Caleb’s vocals forever gritty and vulnerable. But to be frank, if you came to the show a modest fan hoping to be wooed and wowed by a once-in-a-lifetime show, you likely found yourself disappointed. Read more on the review here.

Article by: Tara Hall, SoundSpike


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