New Tour Dates for Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel’s North American “Volver 2014” tour dates have either been postponed or canceled due to the singer’s ongoing health problems, which began after he was diagnosed with pneumonia earlier this month.

Nearly two weeks after the entertainer’s representatives announced the postponement of Gabriel’s first California shows, the singer’s health continues in “recovery,” while online chatter over the situation continues to build as disappointed ticket buyers are either returning to their point of purchase for a refund or trying to get tickets to future shows.

A source familiar with Gabriel’s ongoing health problems said that while there is concern at every level for the iconic balladeer, those around the singer remained hopeful that Gabriel will be able to perform starting Sept. 5. He will continue touring in Miami at the American Airlines Arena. Seven other shows will follow immediately after. Read more here.

Article by: Justino Aguila, Billboard

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