Garth Brooks New Album ‘Man Against Machine’

It has been a long 13 years for Garth Brooks fans in wanting to hear new music. On Halloween Brooks reveled his new album, ‘Man Against Machine’. Below is a list of the track list and credits:

“Man Against Machine” – Larry Bastian/Jenny Yates/Garth Brooks
“She’s Tired Of Boys” – Amanda Williams/Garth Brooks
“Cold Like That” – Steven Lee Olsen/Melissa Peirce/Chris Wallin
“All-American Kid” – Craig Campbell/Brice Long/Terry McBride
“Mom” – Don Sampson/ Wynn Varble
“Wrong About You” – Adam Wright
“Rodeo And Juliet” – Bryan Kennedy/Garth Brooks
“Midnight Train” – Melissa Peirce/Matthew A. Rossi
“Cowboys Forever” – Wynn Varble/John Martin/Dean Dillon
“People Loving People” – Lee Miller/Chris Wallin/busbee
“Send ’Em On Down The Road” – Marc Beeson/Allen Shamblin
“Fish” – Chris Wallin/Wynn Varble
“You Wreck Me” – Stephanie Bentley/Kevin Kadish/Dan Muckala
“Tacoma” – Caitlyn Smith/Bob DiPiero

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