Lee Brice Announces College Tour

Lee Brice will be performing at 10 colleges, starting with Campbell University on April 8th.// //

His college concert series is in association with REVERB, a non-profit organization that unites artists and colleges in an effort to create environmental and social change.

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April 8 — Buies Creek, N.C. at Campbell University
April 9 — Erie, Pa. at Penn State University
April 10 — High Point, N.C. at High Point University
April 11 — Clemson, S.C. at Clemson University (with Natalie Stovall and The Drive, and Lewis Brice)
April 15 — Saint Charles, Mo. at Lindenwood University
April 22 — Conway, Ark. at University of Central Arkansas (with The Cadillac Three and Granger Smith)
April 24 — Monroe, La. at University of Louisiana
April 30 — North Andover, Mass. at Merrimack College
May 1 — Slippery Rock, Pa. at Slippery Rock University
May 2 — Durham, N.H. at University of New Hampshire
Tickets on sale now.

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