Cheap A Bronx Tale Broadway Tickets at Longacre Theatre in New York with Promo Code

Based on the real life story by Chazz Palminteri‚ A Bronx Tale: The Musical is set against the backdrop of racial strife and organized crime in the 1960s. It is the story of an Italian-American teenager finding his path in life as he must choose between the father who raised him and a mob-boss father figure who fascinates him.

A Bronx Tale debuted in Los Angeles, CA. Palminteri began receiving offers from movie studio producers for the film rights to A Bronx Tale, but Palminteri turned all of them down, as he wished to write and act in the film. It wasn’t until Palminteri met Robert De Niro that he got what he wanted.

The Longacre Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 220 West 48th Street in midtown Manhattan. Designed by architect Henry Beaumont Herts in 1912, the theatre was named for Longacre Square, the original name for Times Square. The Longacre’s first show was a production of the William Hurlbut-Frances Whitehouse comedy Are You a Crook?, which opened on May 1, 1913.

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