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The PBR (Professional Bull Riders Association) was created in 1992 and its headquarters are in Colorado. The company had simple beginnings as a group of 20 bull riders, which had been competing as part of the rodeo circuit, came together with hopes of taking bull riding to the next level. Each of the bull riders invested $1000 of their own money into the PBR and is solely owned by its athletes.

The PBR has over 1,200 bull riders competing in their events around the globe. Competitions take place in countries like Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. During every bull ride at a competition, the Professional Bull Riders are striving for a possible 100 points they could earn. Judges determine each rider’s score based on two areas: the rider’s ability and how difficult the bull was to ride. Judges are looking for riders to have constant control, good body position throughout the ride and remain on the bull for a full eight seconds. Equally, each bull provides a different experience and is judged on their difficulty during the ride.

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