Rise Up in Savings: Grab Atlanta Falcons NFL Football Tickets for Home and Away Games with Promo Code ‘CHEAP’ at Capital City Tickets

Atlanta Falcons fans, the time to unleash your inner falcon is here! Whether you’re eager to fill Mercedes-Benz Stadium with your cheers or accompany the Falcons on their away games, we’ve got exciting news for you. You can now secure Atlanta Falcons NFL football tickets for both home and away games at fantastic discounts by using the exclusive promo code ‘CHEAP’ available at Capital City Tickets. Let’s dive into the details and make sure you’re part of the Falcon’s journey this season.

Cheering for the Falcons at Home:

For true Falcons fans, there’s no place like Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The atmosphere is electric, and the camaraderie among fans is infectious. From witnessing electrifying touchdowns to intense fourth-quarter drama, home games offer an experience like no other. You’ll be among your fellow Falcons enthusiasts, collectively creating a sea of red and black to support your beloved team.

Hitting the Road to Support the Falcons:

If you’re looking to follow the Falcons on the road, away games provide a unique opportunity to show your loyalty beyond Atlanta. You’ll experience the thrill of watching your team face formidable opponents in their own stadiums. Being an away game traveler is a badge of honor among Falcons fans, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Capital City Tickets: Your Ultimate Ticket Connection:

When it comes to reliable and competitive ticket prices, Capital City Tickets is your go-to source. They have established a reputation for offering a wide range of seating options to cater to fans’ preferences and budgets. Now, they’re making the deal even sweeter by providing an exclusive promo code ‘CHEAP’ to help you save more on your Atlanta Falcons tickets for the 2023 season.

Using Promo Code ‘CHEAP’:

Securing discounted Atlanta Falcons tickets using the ‘CHEAP’ promo code is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the Capital City Tickets website: Start your ticket-buying journey by heading to the Capital City Tickets website, your hub for all things related to event tickets.
  2. Select your game: Browse the list of upcoming Atlanta Falcons home and away games and choose the one you want to attend.
  3. Choose your seats: Capital City Tickets offers a range of seating options, so pick the ones that best match your preferences and budget.
  4. Apply the ‘CHEAP’ promo code: During the checkout process, you’ll find a field where you can enter the promo code. Type ‘CHEAP’ into the designated space.
  5. Enjoy the savings: Watch your total ticket price decrease, allowing you to experience Falcons games without putting a strain on your wallet.


Whether you’re a die-hard fan attending home games or an adventurous supporter joining the Falcons on the road, Capital City Tickets and the ‘CHEAP‘ promo code make it possible for you to cheer on your beloved team without emptying your pockets. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Visit Capital City Tickets today, select your preferred game, and take full advantage of these exclusive discounts that bring you closer to the Falcons’ action. It’s time to rise up and show your Falcons pride in style!

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